SOLVED – Scroll Lock Stuck in Excel 2010

Sometime user are unable to move between cells using arrow keys in Microsoft Excel, this happens because of Scroll Lock is enabled and when they check Scroll Lock by right click at the bottom bar of Excel and check the status, they found Scroll lock is already off.

  • When User try to change the status from off to on / on to off , it didn’t work at all.


This issue occurs when user have pressed (Window key + V) instead of (Ctrl+V) shortcut to paste.

To resolve this problem user have to access on screen keyboard and disable Scroll lock.scroll-lock-3

On screen Keyboard can be accessed from:

Start Menu/ All Programs/Accessories/Ease of Access / On Screen Keyboard.


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Error : 0x800f081f in Windows 10 during .NET Framework 3.5 install

Hi All,

Some time user requires .Net 3.5 or below to run some older programs in their window’s 10 system. Windows comes with .Net 4 and 3.5 features pre-installed. Users just have to enable or disable .net from Program and features / Turn Windows features on or Off as per their requirements.


When enabling .Net Framework 3.5 sometime user get below error :


To fix this issue:

First download – netfx3 package from the below link

  • Save the download file in your C :\ Drive. ( Root folder of C:\ Drive as command in blow steps pointed to the C:\ drive location )
  • Run Command prompt in Administrator Mode.
    • To Run Command Prompt type ” cmd ” in Search bar, Command prompt will display :Right click and hit run as administrator.
  • In the Command Prompt Window : COPY and PASTE below Command        “Dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /source:C:\ /LimitAccess”



  • Once complete reboot your system.

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Error – Terminal Server has exceeded max number of Connections

Sometime User get Error – Terminal Server has exceeded max number of connections when they try to log on to server via rdp / terminal session.

User get this error  because the server is already running Maximum terminal sessions.

To get around this error and log into the server, you can log into a special session ( Console Session ) in order to Log Out the other connections.

To do this, simply type the following in a Start -> Run or Command Prompt.

mstsc /v: /admin   or   mstsc /v: /console

Replace with your server’s IP Address.

Alternatively we can modify the Remote Desktop RDP session:

Click Start, type mstsc.exe /admin

Now type in the IP of your server and you should be able to login to the Console

-Logging Off Active Users / Sessions –

Once logged into the server, right click on your task bar and select ‘Task Manager’ from the list.

When the ‘Task Manager’ comes up, select the ‘Users’ tab. In this window, you will see all of the users currently connected to the server.

Select a disconnected user, and then click the ‘Log off’ button at the bottom to clear it.

Log off your current session and you should be able to connect as normal.

NOTE : Please use this session only to properly terminate the other active sessions.

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How to install unsigned extensions/add-ons in Firefox


Sometimes unsigned extensions/add-ons are required to be installed in Firefox to run web based application OR websites.

But by-default unsigned application are not allowed in Firefox. To enable unsigned install we have to change Firefox Configuration.


  1. Open Firefox and type “about:config” into the URL bar to access configuration.2016-10-06_11h46_21
  2. Accept Firefox risk warning by clicking on “I accept the risk!”2016-10-06_11h46_35
  3. In the Search box type ” xpinstall.signatures.required ”  by default xpinstall.signatures.required value is set to TRUE2016-10-06_11h50_09
  4. Double click on true to set it to false, or right-click and selected “Toggle”, to set it to false.2016-10-06_11h49_54
  5. Close your browser and Start again.
  6. Now you will be able to install unsigned extensions/add-ons.

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Unable to set DEFAULT PRINTER? (error 0x00000709)


Sometime users are unable to set default Printer for all print Commands When try to set default printer they get below error:


This error mainly occurs because of malware infraction i.e Printer permissions have been modified in System registry by malware infection.

To resolve this, we have to re-assign Printer permissions in System registry settings


  1. To access registry Click the Start button and type “regedit”, then right click and “run as administrator”2
  2. Once open go location:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Window3
  3. Here you can see your Printer Name in the Right hand side Column.
  4. Now Right click on “Windows” key on Left hand Side and choose “Permissions”, In Permissions Select User / Group you want to give full access and click Apply, OK.6
  5. After doing this, reboot your PC and you are able to set printer as Default Printer.

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Not able to configure Gmail in Outlook

These days when you try to setup outlook for Gmail, it keeps asking you to provide your credentials and wont accept your password :

In this Case : Please login to your Gmail account and check these two settings:

NOTE: To Access My Account in GMail – click on your pic. in top right hand corner and choose my account.

  1. In My Account Section under  (sign-in & security)  Signing in to google section check “2-step verification is set to : OFF
  2. In My Account Section under (sign-in & security) connected apps & sites section check “Allow less secure app is set to : ON

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